The ID Group: Bridging the Gaps in Custom Manufacturing EMI and RFI products

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Irwin Lambersky, president, The ID GroupIrwin Lambersky, president
Aleading custom manufacturer, The ID Group, specializes in developing energy management products that help customers protect their devices from electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radiofrequency interference (RFI). It has been a trusted name in the energy management space, best known for its high-quality products and tailor-made noise reduction, thermal insulation, and acoustic vibration isolation solutions. The ID Group holds a track record of quick turnaround time while adhering to the stringent requirements of the aerospace and telecom industries, making it an ideal partner for many.

“Our mission at The ID Group is to address all the challenges clients face— from raw material sourcing to designing products per their exact requirements at competitive prices—we always get the job done,” says Irwin Lambersky, president of The ID Group.

The ID Group’s core capability is its ability to source raw materials and equivalent products. It is backed by a well-knit supplier network and is the exclusive Canadian sales representative of CDA InterCorp, a leader in designing and manufacturing gears, motors, and actuators for military and aerospace applications. This enables The ID Group to offer stock and custom solutions instrumental in protecting equipment from EMI and RFI. Its natural edge in developing EMI and RFI shielding products allows The ID Group to resolve many industry challenges concerning costeffective energy management solutions.

Illustrating The ID Group’s value proposition is its recent collaboration with a Telecom client, where it helped them develop proprietary aluminum honeycomb vents for better thermal management in server rooms. These must be oxidized, conductive, and shielded for proper heat dissipation. The existing ones were built with another aluminum frame around them and a metal-type fabric or foam wrapped to make the product conductive.

The ID Group, however, eliminated the need for an additional aluminum frame by taking the fabric directly onto the honeycomb. Consequently, the client achieved better results in thermal management while reducing the product’s overall weight. This novel approach cut down raw material costs by 25 percent and decreased the number of steps in the manufacturing process, improving turnaround time. This instance exemplifies its capability to fulfill the telecom industry’s need for durable, reliable, yet cost-effective products.

This is just one of The ID Group’s numerous successes. For over 20 years, it has been part of the Canadian Space Agency’s various initiatives, providing custom motors and actuators that went into Canadarm1 and Canadarm2. They’ve returned from space for refurbishment and are likely to be used in Canadarm3 as spare parts. It also played a significant role in designing and developing the James Webb space telescope.
  • Our mission at The ID Group is to address all the challenges clients face-from raw material sourcing to designing products per their exact requirements at competitive prices-we always get the job done

The ID Group’s EMI solution suite also extends to commercial applications, usually in low-orbit satellites used by the big players in the telecommunication industry. Here, it provides EMI solutions even at the network level. For some clients, The ID Group manages their entire EMI RFI portfolio.

Its extensive service portfolio and deep-rooted industry expertise have significantly accelerated The ID Group’s growth across the aerospace and telecommunications industry. In the coming months, The ID Group is en route to expand its CNC capabilities and upgrade its facility from 10,000 with an addition of 13,000 square feet of manufacturing amenities. This constant growth is a testament to The ID Group’s commitment to keeping production at par with client needs.
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The ID Group

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Irwin Lambersky, president

With over 20 years of experience, The ID Group offers energy management solutions to a variety of industries such as telecommunication and aerospace industries, both nationally and internationally. Their product line is built based on modular design concepts which makes their actuators ideal to use in space and aerospace applications

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